Kathleen Brown, Grand Prize Winner

Kathleen absolutely loved participating in the challenge, and the message it sends to our community about taking care of ourselves, and holding each other accountable to our goals. Congrats!


Omar Duque, Grand Prize Runner Up

Omar committed to a 39-day running streak after being inspired to join the ChiWellnessChallenge by a good friend. Keep on running!


David DiLoreto, MD, Grand Prize Runner Up

David joined the ChiWellnessChallenge to train for June’s Lake Geneva Triathlon at Bigfoot State Park. Good luck!


Elizabeth Brigham, May 27 - June 1 Winner

Elizabeth joined the ChiWellnesChallenge with a ton of energy and continues to power her way to her goals!


Elif Oker, MD, FACEP, May 20 - May 26 Winner

Elif’s challenge was a nice combination of mental and physical wellness goals. Awesome job!


Alexandria Seydel, May 13 - May 19 Winner

Alex’s personal challenge is a simple yet powerful approach to movement, mindfulness and nutrition. Keep up the great work!


Ruth Minnick, May 6 - May 12 Winner

Ruth is the first weekly winner of The Chicago Wellness Challenge. Her personal challenge focuses on a nice blend of exercise, meditation, and nutrition. Congrats!




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Weekly Contest AND gRAND-pRIZE

Starting the week of May 6, we will award a goodie bag of healthy treats and swag to one individual who has joined via the ChiWellnessChallenge.com that week. We will also feature him or her as our participant of the week. The weekly contest will be held each week ending June 1, 2019.


Bonus! At the end of The Chicago Wellness Challenge, one randomly-selected grand-prize winner will receive a VIP training session with LIFT, a goal-setting and planning consultation with Forward Fitness, a free consultation with a registered dietitian along with six meals per week for four weeks from Factor 75, a free subscription to the Calm mobile app, a free subscription from WHOOP, and an assortment of other healthy items and treats. The contest will be promoted on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. To increase your chance to win, follow participants and partners, like posts, and share photos and videos of your own wellness progress using #ChiWellnessChallenge. Two runners up will receive swag bags packed with goodies from Chicago’s top wellness brands and products. The Chicago Wellness Challenge ends June 1, 2019.